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mr c

"Simply put, Chloe Holiday is the epitome of a courtesan. Every aspect of the experience is carefully curated for pleasure from booking through to her impeccably styled residence (be sure to check out the fridge) and exceptional hospitality. Chloé is a goddess in her sexual prime. If you treat her with respect it will be repaid in spades. She is a self described hedonist and does not disappoint. However, she is equally as comfortable in an intimate romantic booking. If that's not enough, she is also a warm, engaging conversationalist with a razor sharp wit. Experience says longer bookings are better as they allow you to fully experience everything that she has to offer, especially when paired with a social date. A booking with Chloé is truly a physically and mentally euphoric experience and highly recommended."

Mr j 

"The door opened and Chloe was there. WOW what a lovely person she is, so kind, beautiful and extremely attentive. The next 3 hours we were just amazing. It was hard to leave."

Mr Jon

"It transcends just a physical experience. She creates a safe space and has this unique ability to somehow know exactly what you need. Her beauty is arresting, her intellect beguiling and her charm disarming. She is simply stunning."

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